How to Enter

1.  Register here (if not already) then go here and donate $10 of which 100% will got to Justin's Final Mission at Active Heroes, a nationally known 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

2.  For every $10 donated, you will receive an entry to win a walnut .22LR Crickett that has been signed by popular YouTubers.

3.  Your name will be listed on the donor list so you can use your youtube channel name or first and last initial if you are concerned about privacy.

4.  There may be additional prizes added as the giveaway progresses. So come back often to see updates.

5.  Please visit Keystone Sporting Arms and thank them for donating the walnut Crickett for the fundraiser. They also apply the clear coat finish after the Crickett has been signed to preserve the signatures and walnut stock.


1.  The .22LR Crickett will be transferred to the FFL of your choice.  You must provided proof of eligibility before the rifle is shipped. The rifle can only be transferred to an FFL in the continental US. Verify your eligibility before entering. 

2.  If you would like to donate to the fundraiser but are ineligible to receive the Crickett rifle, I can just send the wood stock by itself, so do not hesitate to enter.  There may be additional prizes as the giveaway progresses that you can win in lieu of the rifle also.

3.  You must live in the continental US to win the Crickett rifle. 

4.  The winner/s will be drawn from the donor list ONLY.  If you want to be eligible to win the Crickett rifle and/or other prizes, you must enter through the automated donation system.  This is the way the list is being managed and I cannot add names to the list manually. If you gave outside of this Giveaway, we appreciate your support for #JustinsFinalMission but the winner/s of this giveaway will be drawn from the donor list shown in the "Donors" tab.

5.  Other rules may be revised as the giveaway progresses and prizes are added.