Fine Tuned Sight Elevation

by Win94ae, 1 year ago
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Taking a shot with the Winchester 94 30-30, using the Lee 150gr FN cast bullet, at a torso target, 250 yards downrange; neck shot, he is dead.


I had taken a shot earlier in the day after a sight adjustment, and it hit in the gut. Seeing how yesterday's shot hit in the head, (a bit higher than I wanted,) I adjusted down 1/4 of a turn on the Firesight, and it seemed to be too much adjustment; so I cut that adjustment in half and took another shot this evening.


Hopefully the adjustment is good, but since the light was low, since it was taken at sunset with overcst sky, I might have made an error in sight alignment.

Tomorrow I will see where it hits.


I zero it at 250 yards, that way I can use a "holdunder" at distances below 250 yards, since I am better at those than I am at "holdovers."